How to Set Up Email Integration (Outlook 365 & Gmail Integration)

How to Set Up Email Integration (Outlook 365 & Gmail Integration)

Cut back on all the noise while creating visibility across the firm with the Liscio Email Integration.

View and respond to client emails inside Liscio, automatically and manually add client emails to Contacts and Accounts, bridge the adoption gap for slow-to-move clients by responding to an email with a secure Liscio message, make emails actionable by turning it into a task, or keep internal tabs on the email by turning it into a Liscio Note.

The Liscio Email Integration allows Liscio to become your single source of truth of all client and client-related communication. Non-client emails stay private.

Note: Deleting emails in your external Outlook or Gmail account will delete the email in Liscio unless it is associated with a Contact or Account or Pinned in the Emails Page.

How to Set Up Email Integration

  1. Click on your Profile (name) in the lower-left corner.

  2. Click the Third-party Apps tab at the top of the page.

  3. Click Select under Email.

  4. Choose the applicable email service (Gmail or Outlook).

  5. Sign in to your email account.

Note: The email used for connecting must be the same as your primary email in Liscio. If email address isn't showing up when trying to connect, be sure you are logged into that email account in your browser, then reconnect.

  1. Accept any permissions requested by your email provider.

  2. A success message will appear at the top of your screen.

After successfully connecting to email, the last 60 days of emails are pulled in Liscio. Liscio then automatically syncs subsequent emails.

See Email Integration FAQs to learn more about what kind of emails are pulled into Liscio.

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