PDF Reader Is Out of Date

PDF Reader Is Out of Date

There are many possible causes that can prevent a file from processing and rendering properly:

  1. The PDF or the file is damaged.
  2. The file type is unrecognizable.
  3. PDFs were created with non-Adobe programs.
  4. Dynamic PDF is created using Adobe Life Cycle designer or Adobe InDesign.
  5. Password protected document.
  6. Too many embedded images/layers, or other artifacts that can cause a variety of intermittent processing errors.

To troubleshoot, please try the following steps:

  1. Download the form as a PDF (You can skip this step if you have the original PDF file).
  2. Open the file in Acrobat, click the print icon, and select Microsoft Print To PDF.
  3. Save the output file and upload it into Adobe Sign as a new Library Template.
  4. Drag & drop the desired fields into the template & send it for signature.

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