Client Adoption & Liscio Implementation

Client Adoption & Liscio Implementation

Client adoption takes a consistent and persistent effort from the firm. 

Here are a few ways to help build client adoption:

Email Signatures 

Change employee email signatures to reflect your move to Liscio. Your message should reiterate that your firm will not be communicating with them via email after the transition to Liscio.  See the PDF below for a variety of customizable options!

Set a Deadline 

On the email signatures, set a deadline that says something similar to: "On [Date] we will no longer be monitoring this email. Please call our office at [Number] to receive help in setting up your Liscio account." Once this date arrives, we recommend setting auto-responses that inform clients that this specific email is no longer monitored and all communication is done in Liscio. 


Create and mail postcards containing setup instructions and the benefits of Liscio to your clients.

Phone Calls 

When a client calls into your office, check their Contact status in Liscio. If they have not set up their account, take ~2 minutes to help them set up their account. 


Turn off portals and have clients request documents through Liscio. This may require a mass email sent to clients initially. Once portals are turned off, clients must use Liscio to share securely. 

Why Liscio? 

Prep clients ahead of time with our Liscio Rollout Email TemplatesMake sure your clients are aware of the true reason why you switched to Liscio: for their security, our security, and their experience. Liscio is an invite-only, 256 bit encrypted (military grade) collaborative space used to provide them with ease of mind when they need to share sensitive information. And it comes with options: desktop or mobile!

Personal Touch 

If clients come into the office, show them Liscio and help them set up their account! Have them download the Mobile App and start out by having them send you a message!

Follow Up 

Send a bi-weekly follow-up email with the deadline for your clients to move to Liscio and resend invites. You can also send out reminders with our Bulk Message Templates. Sending bulk messages in Liscio will also resend the invites, saving you time! Another option is to send your clients a task. They will receive a weekly reminder to set us their Liscio account.


If you have a potential new client, start them out with Liscio by sending them an Engagement Letter. If they're in the office with you, set them up on the Mobile App right away and show them how to sign the Engagement Letter. Now your client will know how you communicate with them and present Liscio as your firm's mobile solution. 

See our Top Tips to Increase Client Adoption of Liscio for more information.

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