How to Track Tasks

How to Track Tasks

After a task is created, you can easily track its status on your Tasks page.  Liscio's FirmView allows employees to see all of the tasks your firm has created, allowing your team to collaborate and stay informed. 

Exceptions: Tasks associated with restricted accounts will not show up on an employee's Tasks page unless they are a Firm Admin or are assigned to the Client Service Team of that accountSpecialist Employees can only view tasks associated with accounts to which they have been assigned.  Learn more about employee roles here


Tracking Task Status: 
  1. Tasks that are waiting for your clients to complete will populate under the Open Tasks tab. 
  2. Once your client has marked the task complete, the task owner will be notified and the task will move to the Pending Review tab. 
  3. Once the task owner (or any other firm employee) reviews the task and marks it complete, the task will be moved to the Archived tab.  This will also archive the task on the client side.
  4. The Draft tab will display On Schedule recurring tasks that have a due date of more than 5 days away. Please visit this article for more information on recurring tasks.   
      Note: Tasks cannot be deleted from Liscio, and will stay in the Archived tab indefinitely.  If you would like to delete attachments from an archived task, you will have to reopen the task in order to do so.  

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