Tasks Overview

Tasks Overview

Tasks make tracking action items easy with auto-reminders and task summaries.

There are six types of tasks:
  1. Get a Signature: Gain signatures on engagement letters and consent to release letters.
  2. Manage To Go Items: Track when documents are sent out by the firm and received by the client.
  3. Request Information: A catch-all task that is great for gathering documents and information.
  4. To Do: Internal, firm-only task you can create for yourself or another firm employee.
  5. Meeting: Schedule Zoom meetings with clients directly through Liscio or send an invite to schedule a Calendly event
  6. eDoc: Clients can fill out and sign PDFs, like questionnaires or 8879s.

The My Tasks section at the bottom of your Home Dashboard displays all tasks that you own or are assigned and need to review. When you create a task for a Contact, it will automatically route to Outstanding TasksWhenever a task is completed by the contact, the task will automatically route into the My Tasks section to indicate that it needs your attention. You will also receive a notification.

For a FirmView of Tasks, click on the Tasks page on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you can track all tasks.


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