Firm & Client Adoption Best Practices

Firm & Client Adoption Best Practices

Best Practices for Client & Firm Adoption Include:

  1. Resending Expired Invites
  2. If clients have not accepted the invitation, they will still receive email notifications when you send them something in Liscio. Consider assigning them tasks so they will receive weekly task summary reminders. 
  3. Download the Liscio Mobile App (clients) or FirmDash (firm users). This will give users access to our built-in scanner, and will enable push notifications when a new item is received in Liscio. Invite active contacts to download the Mobile App: How to Invite Clients to Download the Liscio Mobile App.
  4. Login easily with Google and Office 365
  5. Help transition your clients away from email using Liscio for Outlook.  Alternatively, copy and paste an email thread into a Liscio message and ask your clients to respond to you there. 
  6. Monitor Liscio throughout the day. Keep your Inbox and Notification Center clean and organized. 

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