How to Filter Tasks

How to Filter Tasks

Task filters will help locate specific tasks on your Tasks page.

To apply the filters: 

1. Click on the Tasks page on the left-hand side of the screen.
2. Click on a filter to display the filter options.

3. Click on a filter option to display tasks associated with that filter.

4. Select multiple filter options to display more specific task information.

Overview of Filters: 
  1. My Tasks
    1. Tasks assigned to me: To-Dos
    2. Tasks I've assigned: Any task you have assigned to a client or employee
  2. Type
    1. Get a Signature
    2. Manage To Go Items
    3. Request Information
    4. To Do
    5. Meeting: Virtual Meeting (Zoom), Calendly 
    6. eDoc
    7. Invoice
  3. Owner
    1. Firm employee assigned task ownership who will be notified when the task is marked complete by your client. 
  4. Account
    1. The account the task is associated with.
  5. Assigned To
    1. The client or firm employee to whom the task is assigned. 
  6. Recurring
    1. If selected, only recurring tasks will be displayed.

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